I have recently discovered a new form of journal writing that launches me out of my busy and worried mind into a flow of surprise, wonder, imagination and sometimes even deep wisdom or wild fun!

It is way too simple but that’s what I love about it!

Give yourself 5 minutes to begin. Have pen and paper. The rules are you have to begin with the word IN and you cannot stop writing for the whole time or space you have set. One page or 5 minutes or longer. Let yourself go. Let words of the senses and description come out and don’t worry about logic or meaning or making it any particular way!

I like to do this just before going to sleep. It shifts me out of my thoughts of work and getting things done and gets me into my imagination and a state of relaxation. I love to be surprised by what comes out.

Try it and let me know what happens. You can send me a few lines of what you write if you want.

Here is mine for you in this moment. I will see if I can do it in typing!

IN a slow moving path of peace I saw a strange spot of light shining on the path. It seemed suddenly to be pulling me forward. At first I felt some fear but then there was a feeling of powerful warmth and love flowing up and out of the light, wrapping me in a glow of warm, yellow light. Suddenly there was no path and I was not where I was before…

OK cool I can see that I will have to write more of that. If you want to continue it please feel free to send me what comes to you! For the joy of it!!

This way of connecting to deep story lights me up and I hope you will have some fun with it too.

You can share in the comments or email me!