InStory Process

How It Works

Do you feel like you have a book inside you that has been trying to come out for many years?

Do you have a deep (and maybe painful) story you have overcome and you are not sure how to tell it?

Do you know what you want to write but you are so overwhelmed you don’t know where to begin?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you are in the right place.


The InStory Process


My unique InStory process takes you past resistance, struggle and outside of the “try harder” mind. It takes you inside where you can access your stories directly from your subconscious, from your creative higher self.
This process is deceptively simple. It works every time for every person always. It takes some learning to master how to use, interpret and shape the content that you get.

With practice, you will have access to endless stories, images, metaphors, insights and transformational content.

The InStory Process not only gives you access to the stories you want; it also has a powerful method for clearing away old stories that are holding you back.

How this process works…

I have developed this unique InStory Process over my years and years as a storyteller. I used this process first on myself. I used it to create deep, powerful, transformational stories for children and adults. I used the stores in the spiritual realm to give over deep, transformational information in a way that was accessible, emotionally connected and inspiring to all ages.

I now give you the tools to create these kinds of powerful, deep, transformational stories for your audience.

This is something that is being asked of us on a high-level right now. I speak with many people, and we all share a common feeling that something more is being asked of us.

It is as if our souls are calling to us to come out into the world in a bigger, deeper more powerful way.

If this resonates with you, don’t wait until the world hits you over the head before you dive in and bring your story out into the world.The world needs our stories our insights and our inspirations. It is why we are here. It is what it we are called to do.



The Power and Purpose of the InStory Process

What I have seen in most people is that when they finally shared these deep and powerful stories, not only do they have a big effect on the world, but it transforms them and their lives and the way they do their work in the world.

Upon developing this process, I have interviewed over 100 successful business entrepreneurs about what happened when they told their story.

Many of these people had very painful or dramatic stories in the past that for many years they did not tell. I had them share what happened when they finally began telling those stories.

In some ways, there is truly no power greater than the power of story for humans.  It is so intrinsic to who we are and what we do that this incredible power often goes unnoticed.


I encourage you to think about what most moves you and inspires you. We love movies, books, stories of all kinds. They compel us, stop us in our tracks, change who we are, how we think and how we take action in the world.
More than ever before, the world is calling us to tell our deepest stories. We are no longer asked to whitewash ourselves and come in as if we had no stories.

We need our stories and our world needs our stories.
Even if you are unsure about which story you should tell…

But you have a feeling that something bigger is inside you and calling you… 

This InStory Process will give you access to that higher calling and lead you exactly to that powerful place that is being called out of you…

And that is why you are here in this world.

Trust me, trust yourself, trust that feeling that more is being asked of you and dive into your story through the InStory Process.

If you’d like to get started on tapping into your deeper story, schedule an Introductory Call with Devorah Spilman.