InStory Live- The new month. The new moon. New beginnings. The Hebrew month of Elul leads us towards the Jewish new year and is a time of self reflection, transformation and growth!

In my Jewish world we have the custom to blow the ancient rams horn called a shofar every morning during this month leading up to our new year.

You are invited to join me every morning except Saturday which is Shabbat at 9 AM and hear me blow the shofar.

You are also welcome to join me in a practice I am taking on for the month that I am calling, Do One Thing! Or DOT.

Do one thing with intention and awareness. Perhaps something you have been putting off. Perhaps something that will uplift or nourish you. Perhaps something that will support someone else. The important thing is to decide what the one thing is. It’s kind of like putting a dot under it so to speak or an exclamation point.