Are you now or would you ever want to be…….?

An Inspirational Visionary? Pause! Breathe! 

Note your first response to this question. 

If you are like most of us you may have felt something like , “who am I to be such a thing?” 

Maybe it seems too big.

Ask yourself this.

Have you ever inspired someone and it meant a lot to you to do it? 

Do you have a vision that is a bit too big to really let yourself look at? 

Have you ever fulfilled a vision? 

Do you have a new vision or a very old one still calling you? 

I am asking because I believe you might be an Inspirational visionary in hiding! Or maybe in potential is a better way to say it.

When my mentor recently asked me who would the amazing women in my world be if they were clear and confident and knew they were worthy? I paused for a bit and waited…..

Yup! Got it! 

Inspirational Visionaries is what came to me and I believe it with all my heart!

We are being called to inspire and to create new visions! 

We are being called to be inspirational visionaries! 

We can go step by step and gently, gently but we must go relentlessly.

And we do not have to go it alone nor can we. It doesn’t work.

We need to see each other bigger than we see ourselves. 

So what can we do to grow into the visionaries we are meant to be? 

We can go deep and tap into our soul story and reveal our purpose and create our visions.

That will lead you to the clarity and confidence and worthiness to see your way forward and inspire others with your vision! Oh ya! 

Why am I telling you all this? 

Because I am so excited to share something brand new with you! For years I have wanted to create a short, deep powerful 8 week course to launch you out of confusion and the spin cycle and into clarity and confidence so you can see your purpose and share your vision!  I do that by helping you tap into your soul story to reveal your purpose!