InStory Live- Thinking New Thoughts

INSTORY LIVE! Thursday: Thinking new thoughts. Beans and diamonds! Tools for transformation! Watch this for two powerful ways to shift your energy and to shine your light and to create a life that light you up!

InStory Live- Where Are You? What’s Your Why?

INSTORY LIVE! Wednesday: Where are you? What’s your why? How to live a life that lights you up! Make today a day where you say yes and yes I can! Tune in here and get a powerful shift to illuminate your energy and shine your light out into the world! Check out the...

InStory Live- Taking time. Telling the truth.

INSTORY LIVE! Tuesday: Taking time. Telling the truth. New ways of managing time by increasing energy. A glimpse into how your story holds the key to tapping into your soul’s greatness and why that is so empowering energizing and important!