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Meet Devorah Spilman, Writing Mentor and Storyteller of over 30 years.

Do you believe you have a story to share with the world? 

Are you seeking a deeper meaning or purpose in this life?

Do you desire to tap into your inner soul to bring out your most healing or transformational stories… in order to make the difference you are meant to make in this world? Are you wanting to write a book that will inspire others?

If the answer is “YES!” to any of these questions, you are in the right place.

Devorah Spilman
Devorah Spilman


About InStory

As a creative professional, entrepreneur, or an individual soul who feels you have a deeper purpose within you, I am excited to welcome you to the power of “InStory.”  

InStory is a unique method, designed for you to practice the deeper, inner work to access your most beautiful, vulnerable, and life-changing stories.

You will have the ability to speak, inspire, or create any kind of change in others by touching their emotions… and this can only be done through stories. Without our stories, we do not know who we are; we do not know who loves us, and we do not know why we do what we do.  Without our stories, we are gray.

It is only with our stories that color comes back into our lives, our words, and our world.

When you tell your story, you transform yourself, your family, your community, your work, your business, your life, and our world!

 And… I believe in you.  I believe in your story, and I believe we can transform ourselves and our world through the power of story.  

Let me show you how…

With love and light,


How It Works



My unique InStory process takes you past resistance, struggle and outside of the “try harder” mind. It takes you inside where you can access your stories directly from your subconscious, from your creative higher self.

This process is deceptively simple. It works every time for every person always. It takes some learning to master how to use, interpret and shape the content that you get.


It was hard to express what was inside of me.

Devorah helped me realize that I think in pictures and metaphors.  Finally, I am learning a way to communicate my feelings.   Along with accomplishing my original objective, I have gained much more over time.  There is a great InStory group of people that I have to share these teaching with.  Also, I am learning to effectively venture into the larger world with confidence.  This new confidence is opening even more doors and expanding my life.   InStory has been such a gift. 

— Marcia Mouron

Astonishing transformation in all areas of my life!

The transformation in the short four months of working with Devorah have been astonishing in all areas of my life. Confident, able to love, thankful, healing relationships, being appreciated by family, friends and co-workers. My supervisor after a month of work with Devorah stated I am not sure what you are doing but you seem calmer, clearer and truly able to express yourself plus being an efficient leader. 

— Diane Forsythe

It was hard to express what was inside of me.

Since the first day of working with Devorah and her process, she opened a magic door that I couldn’t open before. Everything started flowing in an organic and easy way! I could express without holding back in a very deep and wise way, I recognized my gifts and started developing more my intuition, I found an amazing community of powerful women that became like family, and I began working on my soul purpose!

— Lety Martiniez, Your Soul Treasures

Connecting better with my clients!

I have always know instinctively that the best way to connect with people and to move them to change behavior, sell something or consider a new idea is by telling a good story. Before meeting Devorah Spilman, I didn’t realize that I could use my expertise as a Financial Planner with new clients by telling them success stories.  

—Kim Rosenberg, Financial Planner

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